Movie Making

We prioritise the creation and production of feature films as well as other formats such as web series and short films.

Pre-Production and Production

From Paper to Screen: Writing the script - Audition - Publicity Design - Behind the scenes

Crew Management

We believe in a thorough pre-production process because the success of the shoot is dependent on it. We understand that a thorough pre-production process is critical for a stress-free shoot. Every film has its own set of requirements, and our adaptable and approachable in-house team works tirelessly to provide whatever is required. The majority of our clients bring their own director, director of photography, producer, and often production designer, and we find the rest. From the moment we receive a brief or script, our team begins a meticulous planning process to determine the specific requirements for locations, cast, crew, equipment, and logistics, and they will put the key people in place.

To keep everything running smoothly, all shoots require logistical wizards. We'll leave nothing to chance, from visas to unit management, permits to scheduling.

Post Production
  1. We use in-house experts to complete all post-production elements.
  2. All offline and online editing is done in PremierPro by our editors.
  3. We provide sound mixing ranging from basic to complex sound effects, as well as Dolby mastering. (Outsource)
  4. Before we hand over any project, we conduct a thorough review of all visual and audio elements, including broadcast, cinema, and other technical specifications as needed.

As a movie promotion company, we understand how important it is to have an online presence for your film well in advance of its release. Having an online presence ensures that movie trailers and promotions are available to your audience 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The concept of your film must be established and branded in the minds of the audience well in advance of its release.

In contrast to signboards or TV ad slots, online channels allow for unlimited content. And, of course, it is far less expensive than any other medium. Aside from the traditional large banner advertisements, you can use the powerful online medium to advertise and promote your film. As an online film marketing agency, we use techniques such as online banners, blogs, and buzzing on popular social networks. Movie promotion ideas and planning are typically inspired by the plot and star cast. Knowing your target audience and what they are looking for is an excellent way to plan movie promotion strategies. A well-planned movie promotion strategy provides a one-of-a-kind experience to its eagerly awaiting audience. Moviegoers look for something that matches their tastes or is out of the ordinary and worth watching.

We work as if the Movie will live on after it has been removed from the screen. We are the right choice for a full-fledged website or a social media marketing buzz to improve your box office business. We assist in developing a strong online presence for your film/cinema/feature film in order to popularise and penetrate the masses.

Our Specialization In Marketing Techniques

  • Press Junket

    A film promotion event to which media representatives are invited.

  • Campaigns and viral videos

    Although social media makes viral video marketing easier, social media virality and video virality are not the same. By definition, videos enable brands to create long-form, interactive content that has a meaningful impact on audiences. Evoking emotion in the consumer is the most valuable aspect of viral video marketing. Hope, inspiration, humour, shock, or even anger can set off a chain reaction of virality.

  • Publicity Spike

    A media campaign that receives extensive coverage for the purpose of advertising or publicity.

  • Pre Release Events

    Existing or taking place prior to the release of a movie or a pre-release promo single.

  • Promotional Tour

    The film's cast and crew visits several cities to promote it. Take Your Video Marketing Team to Town.

  • Film Poster

    A movie poster promotes the film.

  • Film Trailers and TV Spots (From 15 sec to 180 Sec)

    A trailer (also known as an attraction video) is a commercial advertisement, originally for a feature film that will be shown in a movie theater/cinema in the future. It is the result of both creative and technical work.

  • Reality television shows

    As chief guests, the main cast and crew appear on a television reality show.

  • Social Networking

    Managing the Production House's YouTube channel. In addition to updating BTS, launching videos, and conducting interviews.

  • Merchandise

    Movie merchandise has a loyal following. KGF has recently introduced its own merchandise. The auctioning of these generated a lot of publicity for the TV shows and movies.

  • Radio Marketing

    The cast and crew went to a radio station and premiered movie songs. And use the call to interact with the audience.

  • Pre-Roll Video Advertising

    Pre-roll video ads are a fantastic way to generate interest and seed your trailer online. They're cheap, and you're not charged if the viewer clicks'skip' within the first five seconds. You can easily have your trailer appear before related videos on YouTube, as well as other sites such as IMDB, 4oD, Vimeo, and many others.

  • IMDB Listings

    With millions of people visiting IMDB every day in search of new films and TV shows to watch, it would be foolish to exclude this site from your film or TV show's digital marketing strategy.

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