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Magic Axis is a leading boutique digital marketing agency in Hyderabad, founded with a passion and extensive experience to assist brands in growing their digital presence and connecting with their audience. We genuinely believe that every human being deserves to live a great life, that every consumer has the right to be informed about the best products available, and that every brand has the ability to communicate to its target audience what it stands for.


Digital is the Future. We assist brands in telling their story through proven strategies & customized executions. We are a marketing agency that specializes in Digital Marketing.

How do we get there?

Our motivation is a success. Our work broadens to include the most cutting-edge strategies for driving positive brand transformation in a world that evolves faster than ever.

Our Team

We are a digital agency that strives for excellence in all of our projects, but the client always comes first.

It is not for the faint of heart to create game-changing brands. It's about taking risks and being creative to stay ahead in today's competitive marketplace, where consumers are more empowered than ever before – and it starts with us on both sides, our internal team as well as our clients, who form public opinion outside those four walls.

Our Customer Centric Approach

We are passionate about creating Customer-Centric digital experiences that grow brands and drive business. We are your marketing partner during your digital successful journey.

We as a service provider extend our best services and provide all under one roof to our clients. Our key services include SEO, SEM, Social media marketing (SSM), Website building, Content marketing, E-mail marketing, and ORM services.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    1. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that content published online is easily found by its intended audience and that it can rank on major search engines for appropriate keyword searches.
    2. With our Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Strategy, your clients searching on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing find you as the FIRST and BEST. Our strategy Website Optimization and Development plan can help you boost the number of visitors to your website, as well as data acquisition, brand awareness, and brand building.
    3. With our help, you can significantly improve your rankings in search engines and grow your traffic.
    4. If you have a website, it's important that people can find it. So our services will help your site rank higher on the search engine results pages so that more people can find your site and contact you, every day.
    5. Most of them think of SEO as a means to free up money from PPC advertising, but it's much more than that. When done correctly, Search Engine Optimization may help your company achieve a variety of objectives, including attracting new types of traffic to their website. We conduct competitive analysis, design content, select, develop, and implement technology, and collaborate with our clients.
    6. We are proficient in coding linguistics to production. Influencer marketing and organic social media management are among the services offered. We have an end-to-end talent set that allows us to lead and drive success in Search Engine Optimization.
  • Search engine marketing
    1. We work on your advertising after carefully selecting key terms for the ads in order to generate the most traffic. So, join forces with us to get the most clicks from each page where you've been featured.
    2. We can apply paid advertising management services such as PPC and CPC (Pay Per Click/Cost Per Click) to your products/services and ensure that you get the most out of your investment. We run effective campaigns in all search engines with the help of individual PPC advertising providers.
    3. Focus on the most high-yield keywords and let search engine marketing take care of the heavy lifting for you.
    4. Respectful candor, our counsel is straightforward and unequivocal to manage your team.
    5. Get a high ranking for your site that will bring in organic traffic and sales. Boosting your rankings can be done in one day, or even less with our help.
    6. Our customers' campaigns are based not just on our deep expertise of local consumers and the local search market, but also on shared best practices on the most effective Paid Search methods across our network.
    7. We are with you and our team possesses the skills and knowledge required to get your business the visibility it deserves.
    8. We work for you to ensure that you are compensated for each click on your search engine advertisements. We improve your organic search results with Search Engine Marketing. We offer PPC management services for your products/services, ensuring that you get the highest return on your investment. We run effective campaigns in all search engines using unique PPC advertising providers.
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
    1. Looking for a marketing strategy that works all day, every day? Our team of social media experts will make your business succeed on any channel you want to dominate.
    2. The goal of Social Media Marketing (SMM) services is to increase your brand's online presence. We assist your company in establishing trust and developing relationships with potential customers. Increased exposure, website traffic, and lead creation are all advantages of employing our social media marketing services
    3. Social Media Marketing is a great way to grow a business. With our professional social media marketing services, you don't have to do the hard work yourself. We'll take care of everything! Increase your brand awareness, build your audience, and create engaging content with our expert services that are tailored to best suit your needs.
    4. We make your website's content easily shareable across all major social media platforms using our experienced SMM strategies. As a result of the incorporation of social actions into search results by Bing, Google, and Yahoo, social awareness of website content through the media channels has increased.
    5. We've come to market you in this manner!!!Our SMM attempts, as experts in media coordination, take you one step beyond the usual by incorporating our inventive and original media upgrades.
    6. You've come to the right site if you're looking for social media marketing services. We provide Facebook advertising, Twitter marketing, Instagram marketing, Google Ad words, LinkedIn advertisements, YouTube marketing and other social media platforms. Our social media marketing professionals will collaborate with you to develop a strategy that is tailored to your budget and objectives.
  • Content Marketing
    1. Content marketing, which sits at the crossroads of marketing and content, provides a new way to reach and engage customers. In an information-overloaded world, the key to success is to establish oneself as a reliable source.
    2. We accomplish this by creating targeted, valuable, and long-lasting content that is tailored to the needs of your target audience. This strategy takes advantage of people's natural desire to consume information that is both valuable and relevant.
    3. The only book you'll need to create a long-term content marketing strategy that will attract, engage, and convert your target audience.
    4. It is the process of creating, publishing, and optimizing written content for "slice-of-life" stories, long-form editorial content, and how-to guides. This can be done through blogs, eBooks, videos, online videos, webinars, podcasts, and other forms of media with the goal of converting potential customers into customers.
    5. Our content marketing team is made up of strategists, writers, designers, and editors. They delve into the nuances of your company, your unique value propositions, and the objectives of your clients.
    6. With this information, we create comprehensive content strategies that lead directly to conversions and revenue.
    7. When we start creating marketing content for your company, we consider what is most important and valuable. We never create content just to fill a void. Every piece of content we produce as part of your content marketing strategy is intended to add value, solve a problem, tell a story, and bring your prospects closer to your brand on a daily basis.
    8. Our approach to content marketing is to view it as a tool for driving traffic and converting it into leads.
  • Content marketing campaigns involves the following
    1. Strategy :Knowing our audience and the topics that they are interested in is critical in attracting prospects to your brand. Our strategy assists in defining and identifying your buyer personas, top search traffic drivers, and the content plan to marry it all together, allowing us to create a path to growing your business.
    2. Content Creation :Creating and consistently delivering high-quality content is one of the most difficult challenges that businesses face, but it is critical for driving search traffic to your brand. Our content team eliminates this challenge by delivering the content required to propel your business forward.
    3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) :A well-structured and well-thought-out keyword plan delivered across the board with your content, website, and content allows your business to grow to new heights. Every available optimization opportunity is used to maximise both short and long-tail search results for your company.
    4. Content Promotion :Creating interesting and valuable content is just the beginning. An integrated marketing plan is required to ensure that it is delivered to your target audience and reaches the greatest number of prospects possible. We assist you in making as many people aware of your newly created content as possible.
  • Website Development
    1. Your website serves as the online home for your company. It's where potential customers go to learn more about your company and the products and services you provide.
    2. It's also where potential employees can learn more about your company, including your reputation in the local market. As a result, it's critical for your company's long-term success that your website accurately represents your brand.
    3. We also offer a variety of Performance Optimization services to businesses looking to maximize their return on investment from their websites.
    4. We'll set everything up for you, from the hosting site to the analytical tools you'll need to track its performance.
    5. Whether you want an appealing website, an efficient portal, or a useful app, we'll work hard to provide you with the best results possible through our professional web development services.
    6. We combine creativity and technical expertise to create the right look and feel for your website, thanks to our extensive experience in web design and development.
    7. As a professional website development company, we provide optimal web performance and a high-quality appearance across a wide range of platforms and devices, ensuring the perfect technical response to the end-behavior, user's device's screen size, orientation, and environment.
    8. To provide a seamless user experience, the discipline of responsive website development and design necessitates intelligent planning and the use of CSS codes with a flexible variation of grids, layers, layouts, and images.
    9. Our specialists will meet with you to learn about your target market, the products or services you want to promote, your value differentiation, and your company's challenges and goals. This will assist us in developing your optimal website strategy and developing plan.
    10. Your brand will come to life thanks to our website design and development. Whatever your company's needs are, we have the best solutions on the market, whether you need a completely new website or a redesign of an existing one.
  • Email Marketing
    1. Email marketing is a non-negotiable email. It's a powerful communication channel that delivers a message to customers and prospects in their inbox, on their phone, or while they're browsing the web on their mobile device. We'll use our proprietary, automated technology to deliver personalized content that's relevant and timely to your prospects, customers, and influencers at scale.
    2. Our goal is to assist your email programmer in contributing at least 25% of topline revenue. During this process, we will discover consumer preferences, which are critical to improving email deliverability, engagement, and revenue.
    3. Create a fantastic email marketing campaign that drives engagement, ROI, and increased sales! You can create beautiful emails that look great on all devices using an easy-to-use email builder and templates. You can also use our drag-and-drop editor to create campaigns and track their performance with powerful analytics.
    4. Our email marketing services assist you in acquiring a large customer base most efficiently! Our email marketing solutions enable you to send personalized messages to specific customers.
    5. Our email marketing campaigns adhere to the highest online marketing standards. We are constantly monitoring the trends that become the in-thing at the time and then change.
    6. Whatever we do, whatever type of campaigns we run, we make certain that all activities are carried out in accordance with email marketing best practices, which makes us the obvious choice for you!
    7. Because of our insatiable curiosity, we are constantly on the lookout for 'what's on, what's next.' We make it a point to keep our email lists up to date so that we don't become obsolete as a result of rapid profile changes.
  • Online Reputation Management (ORM) Services
    1. At Magic axis, we understand that your company's reputation is its most valuable asset and that protecting it is of the utmost importance.
    2. Smart online reputation management (ORM) can help your brand build positive customer perceptions and encourage people to buy your product or service. We have a team of experts who can help protect your online reputation by utilizing our knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure that positive information about your company is easily accessible. We can also assist you with online reputation management in social networks where you can interact with your customers and clients in real-time.
    3. Our team has extensive experience in all aspects of online reputation management. The following online reputation management (ORM) services can assist in repairing and maintaining good reputations
    4. SEO strategies - we can help you make the most of content that positively represents your brand by making it as easy to find as possible. We conduct

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